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Advanced Features
In this section of our site I would like to show some of the many advanced features that can enhance your website. These features would be upgrades to a basic website which can be added on at any time.
1. Form Email - Secure email scripts that can block Email harvesting software .
You probably know already what a bad idea it is to put the simple mailto: tag on the contact page. Our forms contain a Captcha Image displaying letters and numbers which are difficult to be read by non humans, stopping 100% automated submissions. These scripts can be basic (per example) or can contain even more fields to route information to different departments.
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Advanced Features

Create websites that stand out from the crowd and offer a level of advanced interaction that will capture your visitors interest. Today's websites require advanced features that visitors have come to expect.

CMS (Content Management Systems) form Email programs, E-commerce & Shopping Carts, Forums, Flash Animation, Chat Rooms, Photo Galleries, 360° Photographic Panoramas, Video, HTML E-mails/Mailing Lists, Games, SMS Integration, Website Polls, custom link directories. Also, Site Search, Blogs, Newsletters / Lists, Audio / Video, Branded Identity, Custom Photography, Promotional Banners, Protected Members Areas, News / RSS feeds, Forms, Surveys, Polls, Search Database, Shopping Carts, Merchant, Pay Pal Integration, Ad Manager, Site Reports and many other technologies.

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