The design process requires both imagination and discipline. Design is defined as
1. To prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed) to plan this form and structure of : to design a new website
2. To plan and fashion artistically or skillfully a design that will become effective..
3. To intend for a definite purpose : a website designed for a special purpose.
4. To form or conceive in the mind ; contrive ; plan : a website design for a unique idea or service.
5. To assign in thought or attention ; purpose : the design was based on an original thought.
6. To mark out, as by a sign ; indicate.
7. To make drawings, preliminary sketches or plans for a design in progress
8. To plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, website design.
9. An outline, sketch or plan, as a form and structure of a work of art, an edifice, or a website to be executed or constructed form the basis for the design.
10. Organization or structure of formal elements in a web site design.
11. The combination of details or features of a web site, building the website, the pattern or motif of a web page : the design of a web page.
12. The art of designing a website or web page : The design of a new page.
13. A plot or intrigue : A design that creates excitement and personal involvement.
15. A design that could be interpreted as a work of internet art.


The designs that are conceived by a website designer can and should reflect the nature of the website, or web site, that is being created. These designs are important to both the client and to the viewing public. Website designs that hold the interest of the public and reflect the image of the company are designs that are successful. A website designer should have many designs to offer a client.
1. Designs that create a recognizable "theme" can be extremely valuable.
2. Designs that establish a unique image that can make a website stand out from the competition is a valuable asset.
3. There are designs that have a definite intention and purpose.
4. Selecting designs from subconscious inspiration can be highly effective.

The designs that are most effective are designs that have been given serious thought and consideration. Good designs should be tested and evaluated. If those designs need modifications, they should be implemented with the newly gained knowledge.

Website Design

Website design is a critical factor in the creation and development of a website. Without good design work in the very beginning of the project, a website will lack a critical element of success.

Website Designs

Website designs should be considered an important factor in the overall success of a web site.