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Website Design

indentWebsite design began evolving into a commercial art form in the 1990's and has continued to evolve into a viable profession for thousands of aspiring and established website designers. As the levels of competition grew exponentially throughout the world, the appearance of a website design became much more important. As the third major variable in website design, Graphic Design Artists began entering the field in massive numbers. And for the next ten years, competition between these website design professionals raised the bar to new heights
Today, and as we approach 2010, the overall visual appeal of website design has increased dramatically. There are many truly beautiful and inspirational website design sites that will truly draw a "Wow!" type of response from visitors. Delivering a message to the internet public, shrouded in beautiful graphics and high quality design work is a very important factor in the success of most website design ventures.
indentCustom website design commands high standards in visual design. Quality websites must have a certain level of visual appeal to compliment the written message. The public expects it ! We can never forget that we are not only competing between different website design styles, but we are, even more importantly, competing with high definition television, magazines, and many other medias for the time and attention of an intelligent human being.
Website design is not an exact science, unlike the first two variables. The visual design of a site needs to fit the general character or theme of a website design written message and central purpose. It needs to help sell the written message of the website design.

Website Graphic Design
and Website Graphic Designer

Essentially, there are six basic, currently popular phrases for the website design professionals who design the graphics for web pages; Website Graphic Designer, Custom Website Graphic Designer, Website Graphic Designer, Web Graphic Designer, Web Page Graphic Designer and Graphic Designer. The internet community has not yet settled on one, overwhelmingly dominant phrase yet. Eventually one will win out. The two most popular, currently are Graphic Designer and website graphic designer. The basic difference between these two refers to the level of commitment to digital media.